How Our Process Works

Step 1Give Us A Call And Tell Us About Your Property And Why You Need To Sell Your House

Step 2We Will Make You An Offer Right Away, Over The Phone

Step 3We Will Come To See The House And Finalize The Offer

Step 4We Will Close On The Day You Choose, Without Any Cost To You

Find out if selling your house to Florida Cash Real Estate is the best solution for you.

We’re Here To Help You Sell

Understanding the importance of deciding to sell your home, you might wonder, “How can I efficiently sell my property for cash in ?” or “Will Florida Cash Real Estate provide a fair valuation for my property?” In contrast to other businesses in , we prioritize conducting in-person property evaluations to ensure transparency before presenting an offer. Our steadfast commitment to openness involves providing you with all relevant details, empowering you to confidently choose to sell to us.

Whether you own a house, condo, apartment, or land, we present you with the opportunity to sell it for cash without the hassle of commissions, fees, or closing costs. There’s no requirement for costly repairs before selling. Our aim is to streamline the process, making it as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Our Offers To Buy Your House Are Based On It’s After Repair Value

Ahead of our scheduled meeting at your property, we conduct a thorough market analysis (CMA) on your home. This evaluation involves assessing the potential market value of your property after a comprehensive refurbishment, aligning with the elevated standards often featured on HGTV.

This analysis serves as a robust foundation for crafting your cash offer. We intricately consider our costs related to acquiring and reselling your property, along with expenses tied to essential upgrades aimed at enhancing its value. Additionally, we factor in the profit margin we aim for, guiding us in creating a customized cash proposal for you.

When presenting this proposal, we offer a transparent breakdown of the evaluation process. This ensures you have a comprehensive understanding of your home’s assessment and the various elements taken into account when determining the offer.

Your Offer:

At Florida Cash Real Estate, we hold honesty and transparency in high regard. This principle is reflected in the way we structure our proposals, and we have no reservations about sharing this information with you. Our commitment lies in offering you complete transparency throughout the entire process.

[Your Offer] = [After Repair Value] – [Repair Costs] – [Our Selling Costs] – [Our Minimum Profit]

These are the variables we use to make an offer and an explanation of each item.

After Repair Value (ARV): This is what the market value of your house will be AFTER we buy and renovate the house.

Repairs Costs: These costs will be fixing/updating the house AFTER we purchase it from you.

Our Selling Costs: While we acquire properties without involving agents, it is essential for us to engage an agent to facilitate the house sale after purchasing it from you and completing necessary renovations. Consequently, we take on the responsibility for agent fees, closing expenses, taxes, holding costs, and more. When you sell your property directly to us, you are exempt from these additional expenses. Typically, these extra costs amount to around 10% of the total selling price. (Our Selling Cost = 10% x ARV)

Our Minimum Profit: Recognizing that we operate as a business and must generate profits for effective functioning, our primary focus is on dedicating ourselves to maintaining profit margins at the lowest feasible levels to provide you with the most favorable price. Our strategy revolves around numerous transactions with smaller profit margins rather than relying on a few deals with significant profits. This approach benefits all parties involved, enabling us to assist more individuals like you while fostering a fair and cooperative partnership.

This outlines our exact strategy for creating house offers. We emphasize the use of clear and understandable calculations to establish a fair value. Our proposals are not swayed by someone’s urgency to sell, as such an approach contradicts our values and long-term objectives. Preserving our reputation as fair, trustworthy, reliable, and ethical property purchasers is of utmost importance, and our dedication to upholding it remains steadfast.

1. Tell us about your property. Reaching out to us signifies the initial step in addressing your current real estate situation. Throughout our conversation, we will explore your property’s condition and unique features to evaluate its compatibility with our acquisition criteria. If it aligns with our requirements, we will proceed to organize a visit to your property.

2. Set Up A Quick Appointment. After identifying the most appropriate way to assist you, we will proceed to the next stage by scheduling an appointment. Our Home Buying Specialist will conduct a comprehensive walkthrough of your property, evaluating any necessary repairs. Be assured that we will handle all required repairs ourselves. Following the walkthrough, we will provide you with an AS-IS cash proposal, and there are no obligations on your part.

3. Choose A Closing Date And Sell. Upon accepting our proposal, we will manage the closing process in cooperation with a reputable attorney to facilitate the sale of your property. The process is as straightforward as outlined. We make an effort to align with your preferred schedule and handle all essential elements on your behalf. Your role is simple: participate in the closing, sign the paperwork, and within a matter of hours, you will receive your cash. Rest assured, there are no hidden charges or undisclosed costs associated with the transaction.

Acknowledging that our services may not cater to everyone, we take pride in being the preferred choice for numerous individuals in the region.

Selling your home swiftly becomes a straightforward process with us! Unlike traditional agents who merely list your property, we are authentic property purchasers. Our cash offers allow us to finalize the deal quickly or align with your preferred schedule. The best part? There are no additional charges when you choose to collaborate with us, unlike listing with a conventional agent. Bid farewell to worries about extra costs, upfront expenditures, or the need to prepare your property for sale – we acquire properties as they are. You won’t endure prolonged waiting periods, as your property won’t linger on the market for months.

Dispelling concerns about repairs or tidying up the property, we will purchase your home in its current state, whether it requires minor improvements or is already in great condition.

We understand the considerable stress that comes with owning a challenging property, dealing with contractor issues, and the anxiety of potential buyers withdrawing from agreements. The uncertainty surrounding the sale of your property only adds to the pressure, especially as you balance immediate priorities such as family, health, and community responsibilities.

Let’s be direct: the traditional experience of selling a home can be demanding. However, here’s the exciting part – we’re here to revolutionize that! Our goal is to offer homeowners like yourself a vastly improved, smoother, and more enjoyable home-selling journey. Explore our informative blog for additional insights. Prioritizing speed and efficiency, we handle every aspect from beginning to end. No more enduring months of waiting for a deal to close, thanks to Florida Cash Real Estate. Our swift 3-step Easy home buying process ensures that, together, we can overcome any real estate challenges you may be facing.

Sell Your House The Simple Way

Selling your property through traditional means can be exceedingly stressful, particularly in urgent or challenging situations. Listing a property for sale demands substantial effort, time, and financial investment. Moreover, potential complications like inspections and financing issues from potential buyers can introduce uncertainties that impede the closing process. Why invest valuable time and resources needlessly? Choose a proactive approach and free yourself from the associated hassles. Just fill out the form below or contact us at (850) 820-8505 to secure a cash offer for your home.

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